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Russian coking coal market
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22.03.2011 Andrei Mel’nichenko and Sergei Popov redistribute their shares in SUEK

Popov’s STI would cut its shares below the blocking shareholding level.

Popov announced his intention to concentrate in the future on the MDM Bank strategic development. As for SUEK business he was content to leave it after 10 years of hard work in good shape and on the way to further success.

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   05.07.2011  Tavan Tolgoi divided between investment consortia
   21.06.2011  SUEK steps up coal deliveries to Japan making up for energy shortage
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   06.06.2011  Coal firms to dispute antimonopoly decision
   26.05.2011  SUEK launches new long-wall face
   19.05.2011  SUEK Kuzbass yields 1.1 bn of net profit
   12.05.2011  Seven bidders to drop anchor at Vanino seaport
   03.05.2011  SUEK fails to pay dividends for three consecutive years
   27.04.2011  SUEK increases net profit 5.5x
   23.03.2011  SUEK to pay out $800 m to shareholders for purchasing its energy...
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   01.07.2014  Vera seaport may set back $1 bn
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